Wednesday, May 27, 2015


 K I M   D E A C O N

p e r f o r m s  a t   t h e

G U L G O N G   H E N R Y   L A W S O N   F E S T I V A L

T H E   P R I N C E   O F   W A L E S   O P E R A   H O U S E

H O M E   S W E E T   H O M E

Henry Lawsons Women

F r i d a y   J u n e  5 t h   a t   7 . 3 0 p m   &   S u n d a y   J u n e   7 t h   a t  1 . 0 0 p m

Tickets $25.00/$20.00 at the door.
Group bookings and information 6337 8333

M o v i n g,  u n i q u e  a n d  a  T o u r  d e  F o r c e !

It's 1872 and Australia's goldfields are in a frenzy, especially in Hill End!
A magpies carol, the poignant strains of Nellies Melba's Home Sweet Home are set
against a backdrop of the iconic Holtermann Photographs depicting life on the goldfields.

In the neighbouring town of Gulgong, young Henry Lawson is growing up. Kim Deacon takes us
on a journey through this fascinating era, examining the life of this great poet and the amazing women who were a part of his life.

Using Holtermann Photographs, a spirited narrative, sound scape and evocative archival footage,
 Kim transports us to this tumultuous time. Kim has set 10 Lawson poems to music and accompanies it all with harp, banjo, guitar and piano, seamlessly moving from story to song.

With 30 years experience in film, television and theatre, Kim is a seasoned performer who brings to life these extraordinary women whose stories have rarely been told and yet they all influenced the life and writing of one of Australia's most famous poets and writers.

A  p e r f o r m a n c e   n o t   t o   b e   m i s s e d !

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