Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mark a date in the diaries! Open House Day Hill End

Just imagine….then and now….

As the autumn leaves start tumbling down it is time to once again head to Hill End’s Open Day on Sunday 10 April.  
A number of the villagers are throwing open their homes, their school, their hall, their church and their studios to allow you to peek inside and see how they now live, work and play in an historic gold town. 

Imagine the town as it was….and then see the buildings now. 
Most of the buildings open for viewing were constructed between the 1870s and the 1900s and have seen generations of families through their doors. Some were almost in ruins when they were lovingly “adopted” by people with a passion and on Open Day they wish to share this with you. Many years of painstaking restoration and preservation (and never mind the dollars!) have gone into conserving these buildings as useful and comfortable dwellings. 

They are not museums, they are everyday buildings, still being used for their intended purposes and now all the more treasured for being so. Some have the “mod cons” but these are skilfully integrated into an eclectic environment where they seem right at home. “Why didn’t I think of that?” will be your constant comment.

What will you see? Well, remember your school days, come and visit our school and see how education has changed in an electronic environment yet still retains an historic link to a school that was built in 1872. A church with no electricity? – not a problem, Ted lights the myriad of kerosene lanterns that add a reverent atmosphere to an evening ecumenical service. A cottage with the bathroom “out the back” means that it is a place to escape to and relax in a lingering tub. Leave the mobile phone on the dining room table; it probably won’t work out there anyway! 
View the family portraits in the Royal Hall and watch out as their eyes follow you around the room…Visit the artists who have given up city life for a brief tree change to absorb the creative atmosphere once enjoyed by Donald Friend, Margaret Olley and many others.  Wander down the streets that will be alive with autumn colour. Don’t forget your camera and a good pair of walking shoes. 
This is your opportunity to speak to these people, who are proud of their village, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere and ask them the questions that have surely arisen as you wander around town. Volunteers will be available at all venues to guide you to your next place of exploration. C’mon in!



MURRAYS COTTAGE - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Residency

ENGLISH COTTAGE - Home of Hill End Press


HAEFLIGERS COTTAGE - Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Residency






FOR BOOKINGS: To experience this great day out on Sunday 10 April 2016 are essential and can be made by phoning 

(02) 6337 8306 



Registration and payment is at the Royal Hall in Beyers Avenue, next to the Royal Pub.

Cost: $25.00 per person/$18.00 concession. 
(Sorry, cash only on the day)

Further publicity details from Kim Deacon  Phone:(02) 6337 8306 or email

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