Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hill End Open Day and La Paloma 3 day workshops

Two very special events coming to Hill End



La Paloma 3 day workshops with Lino Alvarez

Friday, November 4, 2016

Hill End Sculpture

Very excited to announce that Hill End sculptor Hui Selwood is a finalist in the prestigious Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, NSW you can see his impressive steel and marble sculpture called Pentad, 
but hurry last days this weekend.

Made at his studio in Hill End from steel and white marble, the 5 stacked cubes have a very strong presence in the landscape. Given the materials that Hui uses he successfully denies the idea of gravity in his sculpture and gives lightness and movement to dynamic formations in his work.

Hui has been selected as finalist in 3 major prestigious sculpture prizes this year, with Sculpture by the sea, Sculpture in the Garden at Mudgee and the Sawmillers Prize, Sydney.

Hui Selwood exhibits with Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney. 

Hill End sculptor Mark Booth and artist Genevieve Carroll exhibited at the successful buzzing of Artlands, part conference, part festival, all art event on last weekend in Dubbo.

They were in a collective of artists invited for  Future / Public  situated in Victoria Park, Dubbo. Exhibiting along side them were Rochelle Summerfield, Karen Golland, April Phillips, Amelia Reid, Dani Marti, Aleisha Lonsdale, Christine McMillan, Sarah McEwan curated by Cementa co-director Alex Wisser.

Marks sculpture titled 30.300-88/90 camouflaged into the park landscape, setting up an instant intrigue with the free form sculpture and the viewer. Upon discovering the morphing sculpture it became a curious, intriguing object to behold. 

To view more of Mark Booths sculpture go to http://www.mark-booth.com/

You can also see Mark on You Tube with this fascinating insight into his sculpture process.  

Genevieve Carroll
Genevieve's artwork/installation was a sentence from a poem she was working on and it was inspired by the landscape of Hill End where her studio is. Genevieve's artwork was responding to the human condition of the world at this point in time and the landscape in which she lives at Hill End.

Genevieve with her husband photographer Bill Moseley run Hill End Press.

You can read and see more about her work on www.genevievecarroll.hillendpress.com.au www.hillendpress.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 18, 2016

International Burlesque Queen Imogen Kelly is coming to Hill End - One night only performance in The Life and Times of Bernhardt Otto Holtermann. Book now.

Hope you can come!

Saturday 3rd September 2016

The life and times of Bernhardt Otto Holtermann
(That man that found the largest goldest nugget in the world!) 
starring International Burlesque Queen Imogen Kelly

at our heritage

p e r f o r m i n g
Jesse Alston
Abbey Bamford
Matt Davis
Parris Dewhurst
Sienna Dillon
Liam Jones

On piano
Abby Smith

Tickets: Adults $35.00
Concession $30.00
Student $35.00
Heac member $30.00 

 Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre

Tickets will also be on sale opening night at the Royal Hall.

This event is proudly supported by

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hill End artist Rebecca Wilson's exhibition KATE KELLY - Sister of an outlaw

"I see Kate as a strong female figure of skill, adventure, love and spirit. At the same time, like all of us, she was flawed, complicated and probably misunderstood". Rebecca Wilson, 2015 

Kate Kelly (1863 - 1898) was a younger sister of Ned Kelly, the notorious bushranger.
With support from campaigners for the abolition of capital punishment, she approached the Governor of Victoria to plead with him to spare Ned's life. As a folkloric icon, Kate Kelly has appeared as a character in films, novels and was the subject of a song by the pop group the Whitlams.

Kate's life was filled with tragedy, overtaken by exceptional events. She married William "Bricky" Foster in Forbes when she was pregnant with their first child. An excellent horsewoman, she rode as a decoy for the Kelly gang and was known for delivering supplies and ammunition when the gang was hiding - out. She even once took a bullet, according to "Bricky's relatives. She became a celebrity after her infamous brother Ned Kelly was hanged in Melbourne Gaol in 1880.

After the Kelly gang's demise, Kate tavelled widely with her older brother Jim, performing on horseback and exhibiting weapons and other Kelly memorabilia, until she moved to Cadow Station near Forbes to escape the limelight. Kate's life ended abruptly at the age of 36. She was found dead, possibly through suicide,  in Forbes Lake about a week after she had been reported missing. Kate's surviving brother Jim collected her three remaining children (three others had died) and "Ma Kelly" (Ellen) then raised her grandchildren at Eleven Mile Creek.

Artist Rebecca Wilson grew up in Forbes, where Kate Kelly spent the final years of her life and it was Rebecca's relatives who gave Kate Kelly, then known under the alias Ada Hennessey, her first job as a domestic servant at Cadow Station.

Ms Wilson is a famous descendant of the pioneering couple Pierce and Mary Collits, who founded the heritage listed Collits Inn at Hartley Vale at the western edge of the Blue Mountains. It is well known that Pierce collits, who had been transported to Port Jackson from London in 1801 for receiving stolen goods, had many connections with bushrangers in his days running the Inn. It is likely that the Collits' and their descendants had closer dealings with the Kelly gang than is fully recorded.

As part of a long-term project, Wilson has researched the life and times of Kate Kelly for many years. She has fond memories of late uncle telling her stories of how lovely Kate was, in tales that had been passed down to him by relatives. The local lore holds that Kate was an extraordinary woman who found herself in extraordinary circumstances. In her ongoing series of paintings, Wilson has felt compelled to provide a personal view of Kate's life and how it intertwines with her own family history.

To hear more on this extraordinary story of Kate Kelly, go to
 You Tube interview with Rebecca Wilson on Channel Studio 10
Hidden history of the Kelly Gang.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hill End bursting with finalists in art prizes this month!

HILL END is delivering snow, ice and rain, 
but between all these ephemeral elements this month, it's delivering something very special, we are very excited to announce the news.

This month we have 3 artists that are finalists in the Archibald and Wynne Prize at the NSW Art Gallery & 2 artists in the Blake Touring Prize, all prestigious Australian art prizes.

 They are Danelle Bergstrom of Arthouse Gallery with her portrait of artist Guy Warren.

Rosemary Valadon of  Spot81 Gallery with her portrait of Luke Sciberras titled 'The Scribbler'

 Luke Sciberras of King Street Gallery with his landscape painting for the Wynne Prize titled Buffalo country, Katherine NT.

Bill Moseley of Hill End Press and artist Joanna Logue of King Street Gallery, who has been a recipient of the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Artist in Residence Program were finalists in their collaboration with 'Vol de Nuit' Tintype created at Hill End Press. This work was selected for the Blake Prize and has now been selected for the Blake Touring exhibition.

A big congratulations to you all.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

HILL END PRESS: Cool Burn exhibition - Ancient light.

HILL END PRESS: Cool Burn exhibition - Ancient light.:
C O O L   B U R N   at the CORRIDOR project Curated by Phoebe Cowdery and Aleisha Lonsdale ARTIST PROFILE -  htt...

A r t i s t s

Aleisha Lonsdale, Rebecca Dowling, Genevieve Carroll, Nyree Reynolds, Irene Ridgeway, Phoebe Cowdery, Jo Marais, Heather Vallance, Bill Moseley, Dianne Nicholls, Marda Nichols 

Leaving Sydney airport to fly to Cairns.

Bill Moseley amongst the Cool Burns - Laura

Old Mapoon -Fire - Earth - Water

Termites and bullseyes

Road kill on menus
Cool Burn fire rings and dingo's howling.
Aleshia Lonsdale - Installation
Bill Moseley - Photogravure

Bill Moseley  Ambrotype & photogravure
Heather Vallance Works on paper

Heather Vallance

Heather Vallance
Dianne Nicholls - Old Mapoon

Irene Ridgeway installation

Nyree Reynolds

Rebecca Dowling - Ceramics

Phoebe Cowdery - Painting

Jo Marais - Sculpture

Genevieve Carroll installation

Phoebe Cowdery and Genevieve Carroll

the CORRIDOR project
Our trip was sponsored by
the CORRIDOR project
Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife
Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers
Cowra Council
Kanangra = Boyd to Wyangala Link