Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hill End Open Studio Day

O P E N  S T U D I O  D A Y
F O R  W A N D E R L U S T E R S

A N   E V E N T   N O T   B E   M I S S E D

It's Sunday, 5th October long weekend 2014,  we're giving you plenty of time to organize your friends and family, pack the suitcase and come along.

H I L L   E N D   A R T I S T S
W I L L   O P E N   T H E   D O O R S   O F   T H E I R   V E R Y
 S P E C I A L   C R E A T I V E   S P A C E S
You can see how we sculpt, paint, photograph, sing and create ceramics
or print on our vintage presses.


H O W   M U C H   F O R   E N T R Y?
$ 35.00 day pass
$25.00 concession
Children under 12 free entry.

Included in this price will be

Sculpture in the beautiful historic Craigmoor House garden.

A free talk at 11.45 - 12.30 in the Presbyterian Church
 by Dr Peter McNeil, Professor of Design History UTS Sydney.
"The Beauty Of The Everyday, Donald Friend in Hill End"

At lunchtime there will be a string quartet playing in Lyle park next to
the CWA where you buy your tickets.


The artists will celebrate with an exhibition opening at the Jean Bellette Gallery at 4.oopm.
The exhibition will be opened by Arts Out West director Tracey Callinan
with complimentary drinks and nibbles.

Come and meet the artists.

H  O W  D O   I   B U Y   T I C K E T S?
 Tickets are available
9.00am onwards at the Country Womens Association
the Royal Hall.

Studio's close at 3.30 pm.
For any queries please contact us at

S H O U L D  W E  P A C K  A  P I C N I C ?

and enjoy lunch in our unique beautiful landscape.
Orchard trees in blossom and the birds are singing.
Food available at Royal Hotel too.

W H O S E   E X H I B I T I N G  A T  T H E  J E A N  B E L L E T T E ?
A very good lineup!

Danelle Bergstrom
Mark Booth
Michael Ramsden
Luke Sciberras
John Firth Smith
Rosemary Valadon
Rebecca Wilson
Glenn Woodley
Ana Young

W H Y   D O   W E   D O   A L L   T H I S ?

Hill End for artists in the past and present has been an ongoing inspiration that when you come here you understand very quickly its uniqueness and possibilities for the creative hand and mind.  So we want to share with you this very special place.
We have also have a unique Catholic Church on the hill which sits proudly looking out to Bald Hill and it's magic when the sun is setting. here. So the artists thought  
one day how it
would be terrific to raise money through grants and support from 
the Office of Environment and Heritage 
to pitch together and bring her back to her glorious looks and 
set it up as a contemporary art space 
for the community and invited artists.
This is our 3rd time event and in that time we achieved a
 $65,000 grant that we have just about used up with all
our proposed works being completed. Which include a 
new building at the back of the church which will house the kitchen
and toilets. 

H O W  D O   W E  G E T  T H E R E ?
Hill End
Central West Tablelands
in between Bathurst and Mudgee
or google.
just thought I'd get your wanderlust juices going.

big  t h a n k y o u
  Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
 the Office of Environment & Heritage
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
The volunteers
Bathurst Regional Council
Hill End Arts Council members
and you the artistically curious and enthused paying
guests that help support us
on our Open Studio Day.

Proudly supported by

 NSW National Parks and Wildlife
Department of Environment and Heritage

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