Friday, November 4, 2016

Hill End Sculpture

Very excited to announce that Hill End sculptor Hui Selwood is a finalist in the prestigious Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, NSW you can see his impressive steel and marble sculpture called Pentad, 
but hurry last days this weekend.

Made at his studio in Hill End from steel and white marble, the 5 stacked cubes have a very strong presence in the landscape. Given the materials that Hui uses he successfully denies the idea of gravity in his sculpture and gives lightness and movement to dynamic formations in his work.

Hui has been selected as finalist in 3 major prestigious sculpture prizes this year, with Sculpture by the sea, Sculpture in the Garden at Mudgee and the Sawmillers Prize, Sydney.

Hui Selwood exhibits with Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney. 

Hill End sculptor Mark Booth and artist Genevieve Carroll exhibited at the successful buzzing of Artlands, part conference, part festival, all art event on last weekend in Dubbo.

They were in a collective of artists invited for  Future / Public  situated in Victoria Park, Dubbo. Exhibiting along side them were Rochelle Summerfield, Karen Golland, April Phillips, Amelia Reid, Dani Marti, Aleisha Lonsdale, Christine McMillan, Sarah McEwan curated by Cementa co-director Alex Wisser.

Marks sculpture titled 30.300-88/90 camouflaged into the park landscape, setting up an instant intrigue with the free form sculpture and the viewer. Upon discovering the morphing sculpture it became a curious, intriguing object to behold. 

To view more of Mark Booths sculpture go to

You can also see Mark on You Tube with this fascinating insight into his sculpture process.  

Genevieve Carroll
Genevieve's artwork/installation was a sentence from a poem she was working on and it was inspired by the landscape of Hill End where her studio is. Genevieve's artwork was responding to the human condition of the world at this point in time and the landscape in which she lives at Hill End.

Genevieve with her husband photographer Bill Moseley run Hill End Press.

You can read and see more about her work on

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