Tuesday, May 5, 2015

CEMENTA 15 - Kandos

We just want to throw flowers at the world,...... for CEMENTA 15 Kandos artist Genevieve Carroll created an installation made from paper mache and hand painted foam lettering, placed on an old industrial building at the end of town.

Genevieve found that watching the news at night is often fraught with bleakness and divide and her response was to throw a bit of joy to the world with the idea of flowers. Her inspiration comes from her love of gardening and the wild garden she has created at Hill End Press where with her husband photographer/printmaker Bill Moseley they run The Studio School.

Artists are tucked away in buildings, streetscapes and surrounding bushland, all bringing to the scene artworks that are inspired by Kandos.

Bill Moseley set up his Tin type 8 x 10 photography and the public were taken through the ins and outs of the process. Giving a fab performance with his portable darkroom tent an demonstrating the antiquarian process with great results, he won audiences with photographing a portrait of artist Jumaadi from Watters Gallery in Sydney, who also performed in Cementa 15.

 All antiquarian photography and printmaking procesess can be had in the Hill End Press workshops held by Bill and Genevieve at Hill End Press see www.hillendpress.com.au for dates and details on these always fun workshops.

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